About Grocers Buy Local

This nationally and locally recognized site was developed to assist local sellers as a tool to support their efforts to market local products to retail grocery stores in their area or across the state of Wisconsin.

Funded by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, the Wisconsin Grocers Association contacted grocers throughout the state via a telephone survey to determine their interest in buying local products to sell to their customers.

Respondents were given the option to not participate. Those who choose to participate were advised that their responses would be recorded and reported in the website database and that the listing would be free. Contact data was compiled using various databases to capture as many prospective retailers as possible.

f your store was not surveyed, please submit your store information to the Wisconsin Grocers Association to be included in future updates. Accordingly, if you have any changes to your store information, you may update your information online to the Wisconsin Grocers Association and we will update our site information.

The survey instrument was designed to confirm contact information, determine interest in each product area and report any specific purchasing requests relayed by retailers. Sellers should beware that the information contained in the database could change from the buyers end after the survey was completed.

Sellers should also be advised that many grocers prefer to have their buying decisions made from a central or corporate location. For those stores who prefer this option, we have attempted to include that information, which is why you may see a contact name and number referenced multiple times.

Users of the database should click on the Grocers in Wisconsin page of this site. Each county in the state map is a link to the grocers in that county who responded affirmatively to the survey. The store name and contacts are listed alphabetically in each county. Information on the types of products the store is interested in, plus any other information reported from the store is noted in the listing.